Production Process

Inspection of Raw Material

To assure the safety of the food, establishing a system based on a continuous management including total quality management, hygiene and good manufacturing practices, is essential. The plant purchases raw materials from several contractors. The production requires a stock monitoring program and raw materials should be purchased as closer as possible to the production time parameters should be recorded; when necessary, these parameters should be reset. Sanitary and hygienic conditions of the stores are very significant to avoid the contamination. In addition, hygienic barriers are used and stores cleaned and sanitized periodically. Staff members check the expiration date of the packaged foods. Ripped, pierced, damaged and abnormal shaped packages have to be refused.


Vegetable Sorting, Cleaning & Chopping

Foodstuffs used for salad making, and fruits and vegetables washed well. Washing and rinsing periods, chlorine concentrations, temperatures and pressures of washing and rinsing water should be adequate to remove dirtiness and to eliminate the microbial load. Then they are chopped for further process of production.


Traditional and high-tech methods our fused in the cooking process for lower fuel consumption, retain flavors, nutrition, superior taste and presentation. Standardized recipes and on job trainings are continuously done for improved food quality assurance.

Food Serving

The Most important part of the whole concept is serving food. After careful preparation of delicious Meals and efficient logistics; clean and pleasing environment is all set up for the service. Timely serving hot food with all the nutrition and the flavors’ intact makes Adhik attain a special place in its customer’s hearts.


Quality Testing

QC/QA department ensures to avoid the potential hazards in all steps of the process by stating preventive and corrective actions. Effectiveness of the system can be stated by verifying all the activities taken place in system are kept as records and forms, and archived for periodic internal and external audits. Audits are performed by Production Management Department and Government Officials dealing with food safety.

Food Dispatch

Serving and distributing of meal is performed according to “Distributing Procedure” stated by QC/QA department. During transportation, temperature of the meal is over 60ºC. To ensure that, meal is distributed quickly and in sealed food containers.