Treating traditional tastes with humility
A savoring love that turns every temptation to an aromatic satisfaction
by the innovation of tastes and flavors is the love of a true foodie


Milestones of Adhik

Website launch by Hon. Sharad Pawar

Owing to the continuous efforts and successes, the best accolade that happened to Adhik on its early stage was Hon. Sharad Pawar’s compliments and appreciation. Hon. Sharad Chandraji Pawar has inaugurated Adhik Resorts’ website and personally appreciated this successful endeavor. His written letter became another motivational zeal for Adhik to attain greatness and create more successes in the following run.

Adhik Reaches Overseas

Adhik Rangoli

An opportunity that knocked Mr. Botre into huge success merger was when he was invited by Mr. Dyaneshwar Mulay, Council General of India, NY, USA. Here he saw a huge window of opportunity coming his way. Not keeping it just a business meet, Mr. Botre grabbed hold of this opportunity into making a stamp of Adhik on international grounds too in the name of Adhik Rangoli Inc.


O’Zara is going to be the new endeavor of Adhik. The Interior and the atmosphere of O’Zara are specially catered in the Maharashtra culture.From ambience to hotel staff, everywhere in O’Zara you will find a touch of maratha dynasty and authentic royal tastes that will take you into the then tmes of royal feast. Vested in Chakan industrial area O’Zara demonstrates his efforts and vision of the ethnic tastes and princely verve in the hospitality industry.O’Zara is a reflection to every detail of quality food, high nutrition and mouthwatering aromas of the tasty Indian cuisines.