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Industrial Catering Division

Adhik Resort (I) Pvt. Ltd are the most innovative & dynamic firm in the field of food catering service in Pune. With hands on experience & expertise in industrial catering service in Pune, outdoor parties, industrial catering & seminars are its forte. Established in nearly two decades ago, it has had a wondrous struggle which led to the establishment of a successful landmark. Adhik is continuously committing to achieve its motto, “Aiming beyond Customer Satisfaction!”

Owing to the Chakan Industrial Revolution and grabbing onto its opportunity on its platter Adhik strived to become top player in Industrial Catering Services in and around Pune city. With its highly-trained and efficient lot of Chefs who use advanced machinery and methods that accelerate the production rate and enhances the quality of the food produced. The vast kitchen includes latest machinery, production unit to produce exceptionally good quality food, a separate packaging sector for the takeaways. The division works to provide excellent service to the diverse clientele. With possible & ample resources it attempts to deliver the best quality & timely service in the form of variety for tasty food.

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Milestones of Adhik

Milestones of Adhik

Adhik has been felicitated first choice for catering and food in industrial areas of Pune

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Training and Tutorship

Training and Tutorship

Adhik Resort takes multiple food & catering training programs in-house and visiting

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Nutrition and Quality

Traditional and high-tech methods our fused in the cooking process for lower fuel consumption, retain flavors, nutrition, superior taste and presentation.

Hygienic and well-equipped Infrastructure

Every machinery, every resource has been checked and rechecked for assured freshness and intact nutrition.

Top-marked material used for cooking

To assure the safety of the food, establishing a system based on a continuous management including total quality management, hygiene and good manufacturing practices, is essential.

Batch-wise Cooking

In order to deliver fresh and quality service, Adhik Resorts has implemented a innovative technique to safeguard its quality. Once the order is placed and carefully attested to, only then does the cooking start. This new technique

Women prepared Delicacies

A woman’s touch brings out the best she prepares. With this sensation, Adhik has induced its maximum kitchen staff as feminine. With an experienced delicacy preparation at all times brings out the best of quality